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Water Leak REpair Grand County

Water leaks in the home can have many causes, ranging from leaking water heater tanks to running toilets.  Our team of experienced plumbers can quickly diagnose the problem and get your pipes back in working order.

Symptoms of Water Leaks

There are several signs that you may have a leaking pipe, and some of them may be hidden and not be readily apparent. That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs and have the cause found and repaired as soon as possible.

The signs of a water leak include:

  • Water stains on walls or ceilings
  • Musty smell in certain areas of the home
  • High humidity and window condensation
  • An unexpected increase in your water bill
  • A water meter that shows usage when no water is running

If you notice any of these symptoms, it's important to locate the cause and have a plumber repair the leak as soon as possible. A leaking pipe can cause serious water damage to your home and increase your monthly water bill. Water leaks can also cause unhealthy mold and mildew and will attract insects and rodents.

What Causes Leaking Pipes?

There are several common causes of leaking pipes, including:

Corrosion: Older pipe materials such as cast iron or galvanized steel can corrode over time, leading to small cracks or holes in the pipes.

Frozen Pipes: When the water inside a pipe freezes it will expand, which can cause it to crack or break.

Poor installation or repairs: Pipes that are not installed or repaired correctly may become loose or disconnected over time, which can cause leaks.

Wear and tear: Over time, with continuous use plumbing systems are subjected to repeated changes in water pressure as well as vibration. This can lead to connections becoming loose.

Leaking Pipe Repair and Replacement Services

Repairing water leaks is not a DIY roject. It takes experience and know-how. Our plumbers have experience repairing water leaks of all kinds.

Why Choose Grand Lake Plumbing and Heating?

  • We have over 100 years of plumbing experience in Colorado
  • We provide the cost of repairs up-front so there are no surprises
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service

If you need help with a leaking pipe, don't wait to contact us. Our plumbers are here to help you get your plumbing back in top condition.

  • "Thank you for the service. I want to let you know the technician Sawyer was professional, thorough and fixed our problem in less than 1 hour. I will recommend GL Plumbing to others."
    – L.M. 10/25/16
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