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What is a Sewer Ejector Pump?

A sewage ejector pump is a pumping system used to remove waste water and sewage from a home when a bathroom, laundry room or any other type of plumbing fixture is located below the grade of the main sewer or septic line. Sewage ejector pumps sit in a sump basin below the ground and use powerful jets to break up solid waste and send it into a septic tank or sewage system.

Why did my Sewer Ejector Stop Working?

There are three reasons sewer ejector pumps stop working.
  1. They fill with grease. Grease from the kitchen accumulates in the pump basin and makes it hard for the pump to operate.
  2. Float switch failure. The float switch turns the pump on and off as the basin filled with sewage. If it fails the pump won’t turn on.
  3. The pump will fail. A good sewage ejector pump, provided it is properly maintained, should last at least 7 – 10 years.
Proper maintenance and repair to your sewer ejector pump will assure consistent and worry-free operation for years to come. Call Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating to schedule an inspection or maintenance if you have any concerns.

4 Tips to Maintain Your Sewage Ejector Pump

1 - Use the Trash
Don’t use the toilet as a trash can. Some items you may want to flush will quickly cause your system to back up. Once that happens, there is no way to clean it out, and the pump will need to be removed and often replaced.

2 - Maintain Your Grinder Pump
Simply flush lemon juice down your toilet. Lemon juice will help to break up any clogs and keep your grinder pump clean and running properly. It will also cut back on odors caused by materials that are in the grinder between flushes.

3 - Yearly Maintenance
Have Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating inspect your sewer ejector pump. You want to avoid a backup as much as possible!

4 – Watch for Problems
The first sign of a problem is a sewage odor. If you smell a foul odor coming from the sewer system call Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating right away because the next sign of a problem may be a sewage backup.

If you have questions about your sewer ejector pump system call Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating. We’ll make sure everything is flowing properly.
  • "Thank you for the service. I want to let you know the technician Sawyer was professional, thorough and fixed our problem in less than 1 hour. I will recommend GL Plumbing to others."
    – L.M. 10/25/16
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