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Bio-Clean and Maximizer DT Pro Drain Products For Grand County Colorado

Safe For Your Home, The Environment & Septic Tanks

Drain Cleaners ColoradoEvery year, homeowners spend money on drain clearing products that don’t solve their plumbing problems. These products are harmful to drainpipes and the environment. Now there two product that not only remove the cause of the problem, but are safe, effective and environmentally friendly.

Bio-Clean™ is a completely different way to eliminate grease, hair, food, sewage and other materials that can cause blockages, odors and costly damage to your home’s drains and sewer pipes.

Bio-Clean is a non-poisonous blend of bacteria and enzymes. The friendly bacteria actually eat away the build-up, leaving behind only water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash. The bacteria continue to multiply, thriving on their natural food source, that gunky build up in your pipes and drains, completely cleaning your home’s entire plumbing system.

Bio-Clean Drain Cleaner ColoradoThis is a truly innovative and environmentally friendly way to clean all drains and is commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and other places subject to stringent health inspections.   Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating has Bio-Clean available for purchase.

Maximizer DT Pro

Maximizer DT Pro ColoradoMaximizer DT Pro is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner used to remove organic material from drains, septic tanks and grease traps. This custom formulated blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes surpasses any liquid product!

Maximizer DT Pro is an industrial strength liquid that requires no premixing. Its unique blend of “fast acting” Class 1 organisms biodegrade waste onsite.

It is safe and economical. It contains no soap or chemicals. It is not caustic or acidic. It’s safe to use on septic systems. And, it’s designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Maximize your drain clearing with Maximizer DT Pro.

Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating. We’ll help you choose the right drain cleaning product for your home.
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