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Wednesday, 13 December 2023 15:25

Preparing Your Whole House Humidifier For Winter

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As the cold, dry winter air arrives in Colorado, a whole house humidifier can make the air in your home healthier and more comfortable. However, an unmaintained humidifier can have the opposite effect, making the air less healthy. Here's how to ensure your whole house humidifier is ready for winter.

  1. Check the Drain Line – Ensure it is clean and free of obstructions. Over time minerals and algae can buildup and clog the line.
  2. Replace the Media Panel - The media panel, or water panel, works by mixing water with the flow of air from the furnace or fan. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the water panel at least twice a season. If you allow the media panel to stay in the humidifier for too long, it will reduce the performance of the unit and potentially harbor unhealthy mold and bacteria.
  3. Clean the Humidifier Fan. Also clean off the fan’s intake vent and enclosure.
  4. Solenoid Valve – When turned on, the solenoid valve allows water to flow through to the humidifier. Turn the unit on a high setting and ensure the the valve is opening and that water is flowing.

In the spring, turn off the humidifier and discard the used media panel. Need help with your home's heating and indoor air quality system? Call Grand Lake Plumbing and Heating, we're here to help.

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