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Monday, 20 December 2021 16:05

What is Backflow? 

Backflow prevention
Backflow is an unsafe condition that can exist when there is a drop in water pressure in a plumbing system that causes contaminated, non-potable water to be syphoned back into the fresh water supply. One example of how backflow can cause contamination is when a garden hose is submerged in a pool of dirty water. When the pressure changes, the dirty water can be drawn back into the home's plumbing system.

Preventing Backflow Contamination In the Home

To prevent backflow in your plumbing system it's important that outdoor faucets have working hose bibs to prevent contamination. Without anti-siphon hose bibs, dirty water can be drawn back into the fresh water supply. In addition, your home's plumbing system should be inspected to ensure that sump pumps, toilets, faucets and other systems are properly installed to prevent crossflow contamination.
If you're concerned about backflow contamination in your home's plumbing system, call Grand Lake Plumbing and Heater. Our expert plumbers can inspect all the potential sources of backflow contamination and recommend solutions to prevent backflow contamination where needed.

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