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Radiant Floor Heating ColoradoRadiant heat is commonly installed under floors and has been our most common heat system in our area for more than 15 years.

A Radiant heat system uses a boiler or geothermal system to circulate tempered water throughout the structure. PEX tubing is often imbedded into the flooring, thus turning your entire floor into a comfortable heating surface and system.

Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating can provide you and your family with the ultimate in home comfort with unmatched fuel efficiency when we install radiant floor heating system in your home.

There are many benefits provided by radiant floor heating systems. They provide increased comfort with a clean, healthy and quiet system free of dust and airborne particles. Radiant floor heating systems ensure comfortable, consistent heat in every room while allowing for complete interior design freedom. A variety of installation options and fuel sources are available including natural gas, electric and geothermal.

Based on nationally recognized standards and using the highest quality components, Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating designs your system around you and your lifestyle in order to deliver a system that delivers unmatched comfort and the control that you have always desired. You’ll find comfort in knowing your system was designed to deliver efficiency and comfort whether outside temperatures are 40* F or -20*F!
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