Geothermal Heating Installation, Sales & Service Colorado

Geothermal Heating Installation, Sales & Service ColoradoThis type of heat uses the clean, renewable energy of the Earth as its primary heat source, using vertical wells or horizontal ground loops. Many of our geothermal customers have seen the highest return on their investment comes from horizontal ground loops, when landscape conditions allow.

A geothermal unit works with a specially designed underground earth loop system to transfer the heat from the warm earth into your home.  In the summer, the process is reversed to deliver cooled air in to your home.

The advantages to this environmentally friendly system are its low-operating costs and its higher operating efficiency. While fuel costs continue to rise, homeowners have found long-term savings by installing a geothermal heating system. By using the clean, renewable energy of the Earth as a primary energy source, geothermal systems provide low operating costs in heating and cooling without sacrificing reliability or comfort. At Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating we are the leading experts on geothermal technology.
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