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Did you know that your old-fashioned water heater has to keep water hot 24 hours a day, constantly heating and re-heating stored water and wasting energy. And we've all experienced that cold shower because someone used up all the hot water in the tank!

The revolutionary new tankless systems don't store hot water... they immediately heat the water when you need it so you have an endless supply of hot water. You'll also be saving energy and that translates into dollars for you.

There are also many different tax credits available for the 2011 year for both tankless and standard energy efficient water heaters. We will help you get all the forms filled out, so you can enjoy your new heater as well as some extra money coming back to you!

Federal Tax credits are available through the Energy Star Program. Also there are local incentives through Excel Energy in Grand County and Atmos Energy in Routt County.
As our area's leading experts in tankless water heating systems, Grand Lake Plumbing & Heating will be happy to show you the benefits of going tankless and help you determine which system is perfect for your needs.

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