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Friday, 07 April 2017 17:44
Maintaining even temperatures throughout your during the spring months in the mountains of Colorado can be a challenge. Once day it's over 70, the next day it's back in the 20s. Simply turning your thermostat up and down can't make every room comfortable. Larger, multi-level homes with large windows can present a particular challenge when trying to maintain comfort throughout the home. Lower levels may be ice cold, while the upper level may be uncomfortably hot.

The Benefits of Zoning Your Home

Zoning simply means segmenting rooms and levels of the home into environments that can be adjusted separately to specific temperature requirements. If one family member prefers to sleep in an ice cold upstairs bedroom, occupants on the lower levels can control their own thermostat rather than piling on extra clothing.

By working with your home's HVAC system, zoning will increase, reduce or shut off heating and cooling in each zone by opening and closing dampers located inside the air ducts.A programmable thermostat on an inside wall regulates damper function, allowing each zone to be climate controlled separately. Zoning will not only maintain comfort levels in all areas of the home, it will significantly reduce home energy use and utility costs. When properly set up, a home zoning system can pay for itself in as little as three years.

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